What’s the Babybucketlist all about?

This is the post excerpt.


Welcome to my blog and my very first post!

You may be wonder what this babybucketlist is all about, so let me explain.

I’m a 28, almost 29 year old, recently married, home owner, pet owner and full time career women.

I feel I need to set myself some challenges (bucket list) before I move into my next massive life change (babies). Bringing to life my Babybucketlist.

This list will cover a variety of areas fitness, travel, career, hobbies and relationships. These are dreams and goals I’ve had for years (although never got round to, couldn’t afford, never had time for, you get the picture) and also more recent ambitions that I want to achieve.

What better way to achieve my goals than to set them out in the public domain and log my journey along the way…

So next post will be THE LIST!!!

BBL No.8 A Celtic Family

IMG_8193I love being a Celtic supporter, my family are all raving fans, I’ve met some amazing people through this environment and it really makes you feel like your part of something great. It’s just unfortunate my husband hasn’t joined the ranks yet (I am aware there is absolutely no chance he will but I can always live in hope)! I’m lucky enough to get to a selection of games and I socialise in a pub with a strong allegiance to my favourite team.

Tonight I was at the Celtic PSG game. A night at Celtic park, especially the European nights, are something really special. It’s an atmosphere that you can’t really describe, unless you’ve been lucky enough to experience it! Which thankfully I have on a number of occasions.

The thing that amazes me the most is the noise inside, it is incredible, I can’t imagine how the players feel on the pitch surrounded in that crazy bubble of sound. Sadly the game didn’t go anywhere near our favour tonight (0-5 defeat), and it was a real hard game to watch. There was however a real marked difference in teams. It was quoted PSG spent more in players this season that Celtic have spent ever, just highlighting the different tiers they are working within.

Still two more home games later this year and three away.

Until next time…💚💚💚

BBL No.8 girl guiding recognition event


Today I was invited, along with other Glasgow based guide leaders, to The Grand Central Hotel for afternoon tea as a thank you for the volunteering we do with Girl Guiding UK.

I have been a girl guide leader for four and a half years now and it has given me a lot of opportunities I would never had experience without being part of this organisation.

Through this group I’ve had exposure to so many different experience like camping, meeting new people, volunteering at sporting events, attending gigs, pantos, and even raising money for charity.

Sometimes the thought of working all day and then spend an evening once a week with 25+ screaming teenagers can fill me with fear but on the whole I really do enjoy it. It allows me to stay creative, active, challenged, and unlike my working career I’m not running the show, I’m an important piece but ultimately there are two more fantastic senior leaders above me.

It was very nice to be recognised for the volunteering I do but overall I’m thankful for what girl guiding bring to my life.

(The beautiful blog picture it the stunning lighting centrepiece at The Grand Central Hotel)

Until next time…



BBL No 15 it’s all in the career


This BBL goal is a slightly grey area. I technically run a multi million pound business but my title is deputy manager, not store manager. I’ve worked my way up the career ladder since leaving university in 2010. Some steps have been easy, some very hard, I’ve work with some great people and also made so almost career destroying choices but every time I’ve learned from it.

For some people they may say why is this a big deal, your doing the job why do you need the title? But to me it does, as it shows I have got to a key stage in my professional life cycle and I’ve always wanted to secure this stage before starting a family. As I like to start a family by my early 30s it’s giving the goal a deadline.

I have recently started with a new company and the reason the job was so appealing was because I got full authority and the risk of being over rule in my store became extinct because there’s no one above me in the store. I think if I prove myself during my probationary period I may have an opportunity to review this title, well here’s hoping anyway!

On a side note I’m on annual leave for nine whole days and I’m kicking it off with some pink wine in a pink glass!

Until next time..

BBL No.8 Being a social butterfly

I’ve excelled at BBL No.8 today. I spent the afternoon with my grandparents then I had dinner with my friends.

So let me start with the grandparents these are two of my most favourite humans. I love them more than anything, well apart from the fact they are feeder. I had already explained to my papa I was going for dinner tonight so for lunch sandwiches would be just fine. But oh no I got there and it was full size Italian dishes for lunch!!! Thankfully my gran agreed to share one with me. Then there was cheesecake, meringues, fizz juice the list is endless. I took Harvey too, the just dote on him and he love the attention (as well as the treats they don’t just force feed me, my dog gets it too. Only difference is he’d quite happily eat himself into s food coma!)

Next was dinner night with the girls. When I talk about the girls these are four girls I went to university with and we’ve been friends now for 11 years. We take it in turns to hold dinner and every now and again we chuck in a dinner in the city. Tonight was on of those we went to NY American Grill in Princess Square the food was very nice and had a relaxed atmosphere. We chatted all night and ended the meal with a chocolate lava cake! Perfect day!

Until next time…

BBL No 8. Plan a girls trip away


So I’ve decided to change this goal to *Spending more quality time with friends & family*

I don’t have a huge circle of friends (hence BBL No. 7) but the friends I have are my closest confidants, I can laugh, cry, gossip, and trust these girls with my deepest secrets. I feel it’s right to highlight ALL the quality time we spend together, not just a single trip (although watch this space- we are due for a big trip next year as we all turn 30!)

I’ve also added not just the time with my friends but my family too. I do have a great network of family around me and I love any opportunity to get together with them. It could range from lunch at my grandparents, to a girly night in with the women of the family, or a trip to the local pub with my siblings.

Until next time…

BBL No.2 Complete a 5k


This is the goal that kicked this whole idea off. I like the gym and it was a big focus on the lead up to my wedding. However, since returning from my honeymoon (11 nights, all inclusive, Mexican dream resort where I literally ate, drank and slept for the whole holiday) my gym effort massively dropped!

So what to do? Set a goal! I’ll do a 5k! I’ve signed up to park runs UK but before I embarrass myself on a public arena I’ve decided to train in the safety of my gym.

Training so far- I’ve decide I want to do it within (I’d say a respectable) 35 minutes so I’ll keep training until I can get 5k in this time.

First shot 4.01k
Second 4.23k

Until next time…

The list

So here it is the babybucketlist

1. Start a blog ✅
2. Complete a 5k
3. Take part in a fitness event
4. Climb a big hill (I’d say mountain to be more impressive but I won’t lie on this list)
5. Take my dog on new adventures
6. Go on a date night once a month
7. Make a new friend for life
8. Plan a girls trip away
9. Take part in a pub crawl
10. Host a party
11. Go glamping
12. Visit New York
13. Go on an exotic trip
14. Go to Iceland- visit Hot Springs & Northern Lights
15. Have a Store Manager title by 30 of a multi million business
16. Fly in a hot air balloon
17. Take a professional cookery lesson
18. Go to a Dark Sky Observatory to stargaze
19. Buy a designer handbag
20. Parasail
21. Go to a stadium gig
22. Drive a quad bike
23. Have my fortune told
24. Raise money for charity
25. Try for a baby